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La Hacienda TRod

La Hacienda TRod is the home of Tim & Lois McCreary in Able Springs, TX just outside of Terrell, TX. Tim had a life long dream to own longhorn cattle one day and after a career with the railroad and then in the gun business, they have been able to make his dream come true. Outside of their love for longhorns and their desire to maintain the integrity of the breed, the life and people that it has brought with it has made it even more special. Tim and Lois have hand-picked their longhorn cattle for many different reasons, some that go beyond bloodline, but the fact remains there are some proven genetics in this young herd that will come into their own with time. The herd has a wonderful disposition…some due to their genetics but also due to the amount of time Tim and Lois spend amongst them. Their longhorns are a big part of their family, along with their children, grandchildren and pets.